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Title: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Kalle on 4 February 2019 kl. 03:38:46
Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37


Ruha, Finland. 25th July 2018, 02:18.

After a failed coup attempt in Finland in early 2018 where the newly formed opposition party Aitiyspakkaus Aakkostaa Fabuloida (AAF) tried to take control over the land by threats and other hostile actions. They are suspected to have lead attacks targeted against politicians and important social functions by blackmail and even murder.

In the middle of the cold finnish spring of 2018 cyber attacks targeted against electricity and water supply made the country go to a standstill. In the freezing weather and the population frooze in their houses when they no longer could uphold electricity for heating causing mass casualties. AAF claimed this was the consequence of the lack of proper leadership and called for a vote for change of government in the country. The government decided against a new vote since they claimed AAF was responsible for the mayhem that had claimed so many civilian lives. AAF:s response to this was to claim that the government was illegitimate and fighting erupted. The scale of the fighting started small with engagements with police and military but soon it was obvious that AAF had support when they fast increased in booth troop numbers and equipment and in June it turned into a civil war.

In the start of July the government of Finland got access to proof that AAF was supported by a foreign country and called from help from the European Defence Alliance (EDA). After a emergency meeting both Germany and Sweden answered the call from help. Sweden sent a platoon of airborne infantry and a two JAS-39 Gripen. Germany sent their finest Mechanized infantry platoon and together secured the airport of Metsälä on the 24th of July 2018.

The finnish forces that previously had defended Ruha have all been mobilized against a offensive of AAF forces in the province of Salmanjarvi so only EDA troops are left in the area. Our presence in the area has not gone unnoticed and recon has shown that the enemy is mobilizing to move and secure the Metsälä airfield and push back our presence in the region. We expect a counterattack sooner during the day. We have noticed a opportunity to hit them first and destroy their both artillery and forward command posts before they are mobilized and ready.

Our two FOBs in the area

The EDA forces in the area will perform a counterattack with the primary objective of destroying the AAF forces ability to dominate the area. This will be done through attack and destroy the AAF artillery and hurt their ability to lead their troops by engaging their forward command post. The enemy artillery at Objective Erdinger is a substantial threat against us so our goal is to push forward in the middle of the night and hopefully take them by surprise. We hope to destroy it and secure the command post before their mobilization in the north part of the area is complete and they got time to respond and reinforce their frontline.

The AAF forces has a known forward command post that's heavily defended but will be a serious blow against their ability to counter our advancements. Its expected that the enemy will try to reinforce this position but if we are effective in our advancement we could be able to secure it before they have time to react. It's also possible that we can locate both intel and take prisoners in this area. If prisoners is secured they are to be transported back to airfield for integration.

Primary objectives - First mission (green color)

OBJ ERDINGER - Destroy enemy artillery

OBJ SPATEN - Secure enemy command post

OBJ SPATEN - Defend against enemy counterattack

Secondary Objectives

OBJ SPATEN - If possible capture and secure officers and intel in the area.

Green objective markers for the first part of the mission

Primary objectives - Second mission (red color)

OBJ SPATEN - Defend against enemy counterattack

OBJ HEFEWEIZEN - Secure enemy base and destroy all AAF troops in the area.

Secondary Objectives

OBJ HEFEWEIZEN - Locate and destroy enemy anti-air

Red objective markers for the second part of the mission

From our estimations there are somewhere around 300 - 500 AAF soldiers in the area but it could be a lot more. The enemy has access to advanced weapon systems, mechanized troops, heavy artillery and possible a few tanks. Most of the mechanized troops are located around OBJ Hefeweizen but there could of course be more hidden in other places.

Its possible that the enemy are using anti-tank mines to defend their strongholds so avoid probable roads of advancement.

Anti-Air is positioned around OBJ Hefeweizen but we have not a exact position so be careful in use of air units until it's destroyed.

Most of the civilian population have left the area since the fighting erupted. Be careful though since a few might still be left and we want to minimize civilian casualties.

Own Resources

4 * PUMA IFV positioned at FOB AUGUSTINER (respawn at same position)

2 * JAS-39 Gripen

2 * Boeing CH-47 Chinook

2 * MH-6 Little Bird

2 * Mid-range transport helicopter (TBD)

Trucks for rearm of IFV is controlled by SSG.

ORBAT vPzGrenBrig37


1 min respawn (with spectator ability) before respawn at FOB METSÄLÄ. Respawned units will be transported back to the battle using pilots. If a new IVF needs to be requisitioned troops are instead to be transported to FOB AUGUSTINER. All respawned units are to group up and keep together until they can join back to their initial groups. The highest ranking in the group take charge until the group is back together with their own forces.


The mission will be done in two parts (two different missions) with a short recess in between to ensure good FPS during the entire game session.

The second part of the mission is set a few hours after the first mission. The FOB will be moved forward to OBJ SPATEN for both SSG and vPzGrenBrig37. The infantry will respawn as earlier at the airfield and be transported in by helicopter.

IFVs will be positioned and respawned at FOB SPATEN.

Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Kalle on 4 February 2019 kl. 03:39:42
vPzGrenBrig37 är beräknade att dyka upp med 36 personer om de inte har något bortfall på vägen. In o anmäl er! :)
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Vasa on 4 February 2019 kl. 12:14:31
Har ni hunnit fila på kompanistrukturen inför detta event än? Jag är mest nyfiken på om vi kör integrerade med Panzer eller inte?
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Vasa on 4 February 2019 kl. 12:19:16
Jag bara skojade. Svaret är ju ovan. Ngn har snott min "remove post" knapp
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Insane_Laughter on 4 February 2019 kl. 18:16:30
Kommer Tango Lima ha tillgång till sin ordinarie utrustning? Dvs lastbil och GRK låda?
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Enfisk on 4 February 2019 kl. 19:57:03
BAF kommer inte användas så TL's favvo mortar kommer inte finnas. Ska kika på om Tyskarna har en ersättare så att ni slipper vanilla mortarn
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Kalle on 5 February 2019 kl. 00:57:56
TL kommer även ansvara för resupplylastbil till Tyskarnas IVF: er.
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Kalle on 8 February 2019 kl. 16:49:08
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Insane_Laughter on 8 February 2019 kl. 20:41:39
Jag tror tyskarna förstår, men egentligen är ju Tango Lima mortar crew, inte grenadiers...
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Kalle on 8 February 2019 kl. 21:51:29
Så heter det ja ???? Satt och snickra ihop vid 6 tiden imorse... Dom förstår nog ????
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Kalle on 8 February 2019 kl. 23:24:53
Vill ni redan nu se planen för hur vi ska agera så kan ni ladda följande Array med Sweet markers Advanced:

Code: [Select]

[["LZ ERDINGER",[945.504,2132.22],26,5,0,1],["vPz",[2596.26,1541.73],5,12,-66.5584,1],["",[2423.39,1943.96],-2,12,305.426,[25,610.632]],["",[2458.44,1459.24],-2,12,263.348,[20,346.87]],["",[1567.14,2865.47],-2,12,327.054,[30,673.426]],["vPz",[2628.86,1672.14],5,12,-51.7431,1],["",[1760.71,1712.17],-2,12,128.058,[25,460.343]],["",[814.886,2336.09],-2,6,326.162,[5,198.126]],["",[725.744,2736.77],-2,6,5.114,[5,237.133]],["",[766.578,3050.26],-2,6,11.2008,[5,83.9439]],["",[1266.17,2394.25],-2,1,74.6154,[5,606.218]],["",[881.056,3078.14],-2,11,20.9456,[5,127.367]],["",[2132.72,2775.59],-2,11,74.4961,[20,459.52]],["",[2027.58,3050.41],-2,6,80.5009,[5,493.407]],["",[2648.22,3220.96],-2,6,58.064,[5,168.481]],["",[2857.88,3599.24],-2,6,356.323,[5,160.111]],["SSG",[1715.43,2894.76],33,11,0,1],["vPz",[1994.45,2489.88],33,11,0,1],["",[2830.82,3372.01],-2,6,33.2648,[5,75.4223]],["",[2830.9,3148.76],-2,11,45.2988,[20,358.744]],["",[3089.96,3789.73],-2,11,1.64744,[20,386.629]],["",[2477.08,2175.14],-2,5,115.506,[15,248.187]],["Tango Lima - Send Smoke",[2844.05,1696.39],15,5,0,1],["",[2676.54,2994.95],-2,1,142.341,[5,420.062]],["",[2974.47,3361.99],-2,1,93.4682,[5,402.764]],["",[1006.43,3010.92],-2,1,80.5683,[5,464.823]],["",[3111.44,4490.7],-2,6,203.722,[5,422.652]],["",[2677.31,5475.68],-2,6,316.611,[5,852.065]],["",[3296.07,4506.34],-2,11,29.7148,[5,384.784]],["",[3483.54,4947.3],-2,11,358.251,[5,106.826]],["",[3314,5107.88],-2,11,287.928,[5,174.765]],["",[2878.74,5539.06],-2,11,312.695,[5,186.313]],["",[2557.12,5845.53],-2,11,314.307,[5,253.571]],["",[3296.55,4367.24],-2,1,88.0212,[5,686.621]],["",[3080.05,5293.76],-2,11,151.645,[5,148.36]],["",[2281.06,6131.86],-2,11,319.531,[5,153.213]],["",[2602.11,4286.19],-2,12,10.8301,[5,43.2144]],["",[2676.66,4333.06],-2,12,87.4551,[5,66.4965]],["",[2763.39,4313.87],-2,12,139.325,[5,31.1483]],["",[2484.91,4199.57],-2,12,24.3863,[5,30.3913]],["",[3049.41,4231.94],-2,12,150.154,[5,51.9121]],["",[3300.76,4331.08],-2,12,2.34676,[5,45.0741]],["",[3560.58,4370.94],-2,12,90.8081,[5,261.694]],["",[3831.83,4315.58],-2,12,171.254,[5,48.5429]],["",[3231.36,5308.74],-2,1,57.1303,[5,944.132]],["",[1897.75,6309.45,0],-2,6,317.875,[5,284.989]],["",[2372.31,6549.28],-2,1,63.5687,[5,704.067]],["",[3036.09,5993.66],-2,1,242.614,[5,648.54]],["Leadingline #1",[654.244,2227.13],17,1,0,1],["Leadingline #1",[1859.34,2566.44],17,1,0,1],["Leadingline #2",[539.955,2938.59],17,1,0,1],["Leadingline #2",[1473.01,3092.93],17,1,0,1],["",[988.531,1506.12],17,5,0,1],["",[1623.5,917.875],17,5,0,1],["",[3027.77,583.748],17,5,0,1],["",[4693.73,656.181],17,5,0,1],["",[5819.28,793.175],17,5,0,1],["",[6414.04,1188.99],17,5,0,1],["Leading Line #3",[1990.54,3242.1],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #3",[2178.81,2217.42],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #4",[2423.64,3341.46],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #4",[2943.63,2649.54],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #5",[2572.69,3381.77],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #5",[3377.15,3337.16],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #6",[2605.12,4344.22],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #6",[3980.96,4388.24],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #7",[2443.32,4794.94],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #7",[4040.58,5832.01],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #8",[2448.39,5691.19],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #8",[3639.87,6301.65],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #9",[1742.98,6231.25],17,1,0,1],["Leading Line #9",[3014.05,6871.46],17,1,0,1],["",[2050.73,6400.11],-2,11,319.23,[5,202.648]],["101",[2278.96,1048.38],17,6,0,1],["TL Smoke Barrage",[2677.91,2083.23],17,5,0,1],["Spaten Avenue 1",[1565.55,583.844],17,25,0,1],["Spaten Avenue 2",[2240.6,1595.26],17,25,0,1],["Spaten Avenue 3",[2449.47,2630.9],17,25,0,1],["Spaten Avenue 4",[3321.26,3497.08],17,25,0,1],["Spaten Avenue 5",[3853.1,4483.37],17,25,0,1],["Spaten Avenue 6",[4525.43,5219.29],17,25,0,1],["01",[926.062,3109.16],17,8,0,1],["02",[921.983,3136.03],17,8,0,1],["03",[907.507,3122.68],17,8,0,1],["04",[804.066,3258.49],17,8,0,1],["05",[853.108,3253.64],17,8,0,1],["06",[781.378,3357.41],17,8,0,1],["08",[807.722,3344.57],17,8,0,1],["09",[835.901,3346.9],17,8,0,1],["10",[1036.8,3413.93],17,8,0,1],["West Erdinger Road",[1076.49,1945.19],17,25,0,1],["East Erdinger Road",[1928.7,2074.97],17,25,0,1],["Augustiner Avenue 1",[2377.38,324.155],17,25,0,1],["Augustiner Avenue 2",[3126.68,1487.14],17,25,0,1],["Field Road",[3278.66,2770.32],17,25,0,1],["102",[2636.75,1183],17,6,0,1],["103",[2365.27,1684.5],17,6,0,1],["104",[2634.27,2386.05],17,6,0,1],["Augustiner Avenue 3",[4006.36,2659.68],17,25,0,1],["Kantola lake",[1947.09,1278.56],17,6,0,1],["104",[1761.84,1647.62],17,6,0,1],["Mainbridge",[2970.14,1465.61],17,6,0,1],["105",[2119.93,1976.46],17,6,0,1],["106",[1514.7,2045.05],17,6,0,1],["Observationpoint",[2784.2,1578.46],17,6,0,1],["Secondary bridge",[3385.1,2008.93],17,6,0,1],["Ohmenluoma Road",[2865.29,4246.77],17,25,0,1],["107",[1725.52,2196.36],17,6,0,1],["LZ GIZMO",[416.197,1636.81],26,5,0,1],["108",[1985.92,2353.72],17,6,0,1],["109",[1280.84,2403.14],17,6,0,1],["110",[1771.14,2627.05],17,6,0,1],["111",[698.904,2484.17],17,6,0,1],["112",[999.499,2553.77],17,6,0,1],["113",[1300.09,2636.48],17,6,0,1],["114",[1638.01,2837.22],17,6,0,1],["115",[418.047,2720.06],17,6,0,1],["116",[1005.12,2830.01],17,6,0,1],["117",[1297.64,3001.49],17,6,0,1],["118",[1552.84,3061],17,6,0,1],["119",[506.813,3188.1],17,6,0,1],["120",[1066.65,3098.33],17,6,0,1],["121",[1311.76,3454.4],17,6,0,1],["122",[744.868,3500.8],17,6,0,1],["123",[1102.96,3692.46],17,6,0,1],["201",[2088.94,2833.97],17,6,0,1],["204",[2243.27,3028.66],17,6,0,1],["202",[2330.02,2766.39],17,6,0,1],["203",[2514.55,2996.95],17,6,0,1],["205",[2164.04,3453.3],17,6,0,1],["206",[2789.88,2742.5],17,6,0,1],["207",[2565.94,3436.35],17,6,0,1],["301",[2281.67,4199.92],17,6,0,1],["302",[2205.05,4641.61],17,6,0,1],["303",[2223.93,4966.98],17,6,0,1],["304",[2142.21,5426.91],17,6,0,1],["208",[2962.97,3094.01],17,6,0,1],["305",[1953.3,5726.26],17,6,0,1],["306",[1745.35,5973.93],17,6,0,1],["307",[1542.07,6301.05],17,6,0,1],["308",[1355.27,6624.41],17,6,0,1],["309",[1221.02,6878.53],17,6,0,1],["310",[2604.76,4559.7],17,6,0,1],["311",[2580.96,4937.46],17,6,0,1],["312",[2552.8,5308.89],17,6,0,1],["313",[2425.54,5568.42],17,6,0,1],["314",[2225.35,5866.88],17,6,0,1],["315",[2077.65,6062.67],17,6,0,1],["316",[1873.93,6310.2],17,6,0,1],["317",[1729.04,6509.09],17,6,0,1],["20",[2787.6,3247.3],17,8,0,1],["318",[3018.48,4489.13],17,6,0,1],["21",[2781.04,3406.04],17,8,0,1],["319",[2865.88,4887.93],17,6,0,1],["23",[2952.91,3319.52],17,8,0,1],["320",[2905.07,5220.3],17,6,0,1],["24",[3082.3,3284.76],17,8,0,1],["321",[2861.12,5483.04],17,6,0,1],["25",[3214.77,3245.37],17,8,0,1],["322",[2723.31,5712.75],17,6,0,1],["26",[3317.51,3226.06],17,8,0,1],["27",[2955.61,3438.1],17,8,0,1],["28",[3048.31,3401.79],17,8,0,1],["323",[2583.76,5991.45],17,6,0,1],["324",[2191.18,6357.71],17,6,0,1],["325",[2027.24,6569.13],17,6,0,1],["29",[3166.17,3342.06],17,8,0,1],["326",[1752.58,6763.89],17,6,0,1],["30",[3188.87,3373.61],17,8,0,1],["327",[1567.71,6963.29],17,6,0,1],["31",[3235.24,3362.38],17,8,0,1],["32",[3206.08,3422.84],17,8,0,1],["Hudamaki Road 3",[2616.68,6962.22],17,25,0,1],["328",[3364,4571.52],17,6,0,1],["Hudamaki Road 2",[3159.46,6366.39],17,25,0,1],["329",[3344.21,4790.41],17,6,0,1],["Hudamaki Road 1",[3594.64,5847.97],17,25,0,1],["330",[3273.73,5070.22],17,6,0,1],["209",[3234.17,3060.43],17,6,0,1],["331",[3242.92,5590.41],17,6,0,1],["210",[3589.56,3242],17,6,0,1],["332",[3070.09,5898.27],17,6,0,1],["333",[2998.36,6182.6],17,6,0,1],["334",[2449.23,6604.97],17,6,0,1],["335",[2182.34,6818.98],17,6,0,1],["211",[2684.53,3598.86],17,6,0,1],["336",[2026.87,7024.18],17,6,0,1],["Spaten lake",[2931.3,3814.69],17,6,0,1],["337",[3706.71,4701.79],17,6,0,1],["338",[3909.5,4911.02],17,6,0,1],["212",[2997.06,3653.39],17,6,0,1],["339",[3798.18,5187.08],17,6,0,1],["340",[3563.35,5514.63],17,6,0,1],["341",[3715.22,5872.55],17,6,0,1],["342",[3782.11,6165.33],17,6,0,1],["343",[3542.49,6387.53],17,6,0,1],["344",[3277.18,6597.33],17,6,0,1],["345",[3097.79,6687.02],17,6,0,1],["346",[3191.77,6838.83],17,6,0,1],["213",[3226.45,3585.96],17,6,0,1],["H 22",[1285.69,5803.39],17,6,0,1],["214",[3677.23,3588.78],17,6,0,1],["347",[2809.24,6862.88],17,6,0,1],["348",[2766.31,7028.51],17,6,0,1],["349",[2440.9,7107.86],17,6,0,1],["215",[2768.34,3865.6],17,6,0,1],["216",[3287.23,3863.81],17,6,0,1],["217",[3819.54,3853.97],17,6,0,1],["LZ SPATEN",[1770.36,2841.75],26,5,0,1],["33",[2942.4,6578.43],17,8,0,1],["LZ HOT",[1455.52,3026.38],26,5,0,1],["218",[2686.03,4296.82],17,6,0,1],["34",[2289.31,6892.37],17,8,0,1],["35",[2265.46,7007.45],17,8,0,1],["219",[3028.13,4227.51],17,6,0,1],["220",[3355.82,4308.03],17,6,0,1],["221",[3681.64,4300.54],17,6,0,1],["223",[4046.78,4180.08],17,6,0,1],["125",[512.151,3542.98],17,6,0,1],["",[1101.87,2485.53],-2,12,329.434,[25,564.219]],["",[861.479,3320.21],-2,11,331.18,[5,143.353]],["NL RECON 1",[2849.46,2097.29],17,9,0,1],["",[2091.92,2728],-2,1,169.013,[5,521.327]],["H29",[1998.75,3189.97],17,6,0,1]]

Kopiera koden och lägg in på kartan så ser ni upplägget. Vita linjer är skiljelinjer i AO mellan SSG och vPzGrenBrig37. Gul är SSGs framryckningsväg.
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Enfisk on 9 February 2019 kl. 01:08:47
När kan man hoppa in och testa?
Är det fortfarande temp.asylm.se som gäller?
Jag kommer inte in där eftersom ni verkar ha bytt lösenord.

Svarar här så blir det tydligt att detta är temporärt.
Vi kommer spela på temp.asylm.se med lösenordet jointop.

Servern ska vara uppe för den som vill in och testa att allt fungerar
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: PrV J on 9 February 2019 kl. 01:42:10
Peru klar! Så nu kan ingen klaga att det inte funkar!
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Smorfty on 9 February 2019 kl. 14:02:28
får det här meddelandet när jag försöker joina
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Enfisk on 9 February 2019 kl. 14:37:29
får det här meddelandet när jag försöker joina

Har du lagt in den nya modlinen?

Modline är:

server: temp.asylm.se
port: 2302
lösen: jointop
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Smorfty on 9 February 2019 kl. 15:54:02
Har du lagt in den nya modlinen?
derp, ignorera mig, jag använde fel genväg på skrivbordet  :P
Title: Re: Operation Ruha United - Jointop vPzGrenBrig37
Post by: Kalle on 10 February 2019 kl. 22:42:35