Operation: Christmas Special

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Operation: Christmas Special

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After months of fighting in the Kujari desert, the company Sierra Lima was sent back home for some R&R and a laidback task of patrolling the norther Finnish border in Hellanmaa.
The border has seen a buildup of suspected russian armed forces as well as some minor incidents with heavily armed militias. Sierra Lima has divided the task among its infantrygroups, to enable as many as possible to have some downtime behind the frontline after the hectic period in Kujari.

Foxtrot Alpha is on guard and patrolduty on the evening of the 12th of december when they suddenly observe multiple trucks, marked with a red star and painted in green camo, traveling straight into Hellanmaas southern area. Shortly after they spotted an unidentifiable flying object leaving a streak of glowing particles behind it. Foxtrot Alpha has since then requested immediate reinforcements from the entirety of Sierra Lima. These convoys needs to be halted and turned back into russia, by any means nessesary.

During the time in Kujari, Sierra Lima enjoyed the company of a platoon from Germany. Some of their pilots have accompanied the Swedish company to Finland to further their cooperation as well as recieve wintertraining. They brought with them, four Tiger attackhelicopters to support us against the unknown hostile actions.
Foxtrot Alpha is located in COP Koivi in the north eastern part of Hellanmaa. They have observed multiple trucks carrying armed men, ammo, artillerypieces as well as armored vehicles traveling southbound. It's unlikely that the believed enemy wont try to secure their supplyroute and it's only a matter of time before the combat position of Foxtrot is revealed. They need support as soon as possible!

If we succeed in fighting back against the enemy, it is of utmost importance that we take up the hunt of the convoy and further seek information about the UFO, last seen traveling southbound.

Reinforce C.O.P. Koivi Since the majority of the company is on leave. It's only FA who actually has their equipment ready for combat. Everyone else will need to travel as fast as possible to the FOB and get kitted out and mount their vehicles before regrouping with FA.
Hunt the enemy Some possible destinations of the convoy has been marked on the map. Clear the terrain of any enemies and sieze the marked area.
UFO Search for intel, interrogate anyone and everyone who might have more info on the flying object.
Weather: Low clouds, light snow and freezing temperatures.
Time: 05:00

Technical information:
  • Everyone except FA will spawn without gear. In the FOB, there are two boxes, with scrollable options to choose the role you usually play. The unit you chose, determines if you are a medic or engineer.
  • Smokegrenades doesn't work when we use the snow-script.
  • 2 players from PRAE will join as helicopter pilots. They will use the 4 Tiger helicopters in FOB.
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