Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

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Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Kalle » sön 10 mar 2019, 22:22

Operation Ruha United Part II - 24/3
Jointop vPzGrenBrig37 & Swedish Strategic Group


Ruha, Finland. 25th July 2018, 16:23.

We managed to destroy the enemy artillery in the area and even secure the enemy forward command post SPATEN. This was a heavy blow towards the enemy but as the icing on the cake we even managed to secure a POW. This AFI general put up some resistance at first but after a few hours of interrogation he gave us information on where the enemy anti-air was placed. He was also very “glad” to inform us of a hidden ammunition storage in the forest.

We have moved up our artillery and IVFs to a new forward operating base called “FOB SPATEN”.

The enemy has tried to push us back but aerial reconnaissance has shown us that the enemy is mobilizing and are moving toward the town of Ruha where they are going to unite and attack us in force. We have to secure this position and defend it so their forces cant unite before we move against the enemy main base in the area. Since the finnish troops have been successful in their defence in the province of SalmanJarvi we expect them to beginning to get desperate in their efforts to destroy our presence in Ruha. Expect a hard fight!

After a failed coup attempt in Finland in early 2018 where the newly formed opposition party Aitiyspakkaus Aakkostaa Fabuloida (AAF) tried to take control over the land by threats and other hostile actions. They are suspected to have lead attacks targeted against politicians and important social functions by blackmail and even murder.

In the middle of the cold finnish spring of 2018 cyber attacks targeted against electricity and water supply made the country go to a standstill. In the freezing weather and the population frooze in their houses when they no longer could uphold electricity for heating causing mass casualties. AAF claimed this was the consequence of the lack of proper leadership and called for a vote for change of government in the country. The government decided against a new vote since they claimed AAF was responsible for the mayhem that had claimed so many civilian lives. AAF:s response to this was to claim that the government was illegitimate and fighting erupted. The scale of the fighting started small with engagements with police and military but soon it was obvious that AAF had support when they fast increased in booth troop numbers and equipment and in June it turned into a civil war.
In the start of July the government of Finland got access to proof that AAF was supported by a foreign country and called from help from the European Defence Alliance (EDA). After a emergency meeting both Germany and Sweden answered the call from help. Sweden sent a platoon of airborne infantry and a two JAS-39 Gripen. Germany sent their finest Mechanized infantry platoon and together secured the airport of Metsälä on the 24th of July 2018.

The finnish forces that previously had defended Ruha have all been mobilized against a offensive of AAF forces in the province of SalmanJarvi so only EDA troops are left in the area. Our presence in the area has not gone unnoticed and recon has shown that the enemy is mobilizing to move and secure the Metsälä airfield and push back our presence in the region. We expect a counterattack sooner during the day. We have noticed a opportunity to hit them first and destroy their both artillery and forward command posts before they are mobilized and ready.

The enemies are advancing towards our troops but we will stop them in their tracks by securing the town of Ruha, OBJECTIVE CROSSROADS. We expect troops from both OBJ HEFEWEIZEN and reinforcements from the north part of Ruha to move in to this area so be ready for a assult from both directions. When you have weakend their advancement push forward and secure their ammunitionstorage, OBJ CARLSBERG, and destroy their anti-air capabilities, OBJ AA. This will weaken their ability to continue to fight in the area and open up for our areal support in the north part of the AO.
OBJ HEFEWEIZEN is their main base in the area. Secure it and destroy/capture all the troops in the area.

Primary objectives
OBJ CROSSROADS - Defend against enemy counterattack
OBJ HEFEWEIZEN - Secure enemy base and destroy all AAF troops in the area.

Secondary Objectives
OBJ CARLSBERG - Secure area and destroy all ammunition you can find
OBJ AA - Locate and destroy enemy anti-air

Objective Markers, enemy advancement route and FOB SPATEN

From our estimations there are somewhere around 200 - 400 AAF soldiers in the area but it could be a lot more. The enemy has access to advanced weapon systems, mechanized troops, heavy artillery and possible a few tanks. Most of the mechanized troops are located around OBJ Hefeweizen but there could of course be more hidden in other places.

Its possible that the enemy are using anti-tank mines to defend their strongholds so avoid probable roads of advancement.

Anti-Air is positioned at OBJ AA so be careful in use of air units around this area until it's destroyed.

Most of the civilian population have left the area since the fighting erupted. Be careful though since a few might still be left and we want to minimize civilian casualties.

Own Resources (Callsigns in parentheses)
4 * PUMA IFV positioned at FOB SPATEN (A1, A2, A3 and A4) (respawn at same position)
M4 Scorcher Artillery (Tango Lima)
1x C130 Hercules / TBD
2 * Boeing CH-47 Chinook (ICEPICK 5)
2 * MH-6 Little Bird (ICEPICK 3 and 4)
1 * MH-6 Little Bird with miniguns/rocket pods (Hammer)
2 * UH-80 Ghost Hawk (ICEPICK 1 and 2)
2 * UH-80 Ghost Hawk Medical (NEEDLE)
Trucks for rearm of IFV is controlled by SSG (Tango Lima). This vehicle can also be used to fully repair IVFs.

We expect Heavy rain and wind around 16 m/s northbound.

You will respawn at FOB METSÄLÄ. Respawned units will be transported back to the battle using helicopters. If your group needs a new IFV, those are positioned at FOB SPATEN. Inform your pilot you want to be dropped off there, otherwise you will be dropped off at the company LZ.

All respawned units are to group up and keep together until they can join back to their initial squads. The highest ranking member of the group takes command until the group is back together with their own forces.

If the pilots are busy and unable to pick a player up from respawn, the alternative is to use Respawn cars. The respawn cars called “Respawnbil” will be marked as such when you “scroll” near them and is also marked out on the map. These can be used to drive to the AO. The cars will despawn when you leave it for more than 10 seconds so can be left anywhere you choose. The drive distance is quite long so should only be used as a last resort. Do not put any gear in the car, it will disappear when the car despawns.

Ammunition and medical supplies will be transported to the AO using helicopters. Platoon commanders contact company command and inform about when material is needed.
Ammunition for IFVs will be supplied by SSG:s mortar-group Tango Lima. If needed, contact company command to get a position for where the resupply will take place.

If a soldier sustain more wounds than the squad medic they need to be transported to the Casualty Collection point (CCP). Its important that the squadleader informs the platooncommander that there are need for a ambulance helicopter so he can order it from the company commander. Note that only Medics can use PAKs, so the squad Medic will have to accompany the wounded to the CCP. It will also be possible to resupply the medic at this position.

If there are a mass casualties that the platoon cant solve themself they are to retreat to a CCP. The position of the Company-CCP is up to the company commander but will usually be placed at the closest secure LZ. At this position there will be an ambulance helicopter where Personal Aid Kits (PAK) can be used (PAKs are placed in the helicopter).

All leg wounds can be fixed by using bandages (no splint required).

SweetFX Markers Array
https://docs.google.com/document/d/11KW ... sp=sharing

Link to mission thumbnail

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Kalle » lör 16 mar 2019, 22:32

Company Order



Both platoons are to unite to defend against the enemy offensive at objective CROSSROADS. The first part of the objective aim to secure the area behind leading line #1 and set up defensive positions and wait for enemy offensive.


SSG are to HALO to primary LZ SWAMP, secondary LZ FIELDS. Exact dropzone will be given during platoon briefing depending on weather/wind. If high wind HASD will be used. HALO-height 3500 m.

vPzGrenBrig37 and Tango Lima are to be transported with Chinook to FOB Spaten where their vehicles are placed. vPzGrenBrig37 are to advance north and meet up with SSG.

Tango Lima are to fire artillery over the forrests around LZ Swamp to cover infiltration with parachutes. Will stop firing when planes are 1 km from dropzone. After this they are to move up with vPzGrenBrig37 and set up repair / artilleryposition at AS Retreatpos #2.


SSG are going set up defensive positions to cover sector Juliet and Kilo.

vPz are go secure AS Retreatpos #1 and then secure terrain up to Def. Pos. 2. When there contact company commander for new orders and may be deployed in defensive positions depending on where mostly needed.

LZ Swamp or LZ Fields will be used for resupply. Both platoons will be resupplied before moving from OBJ Crossroads. SSG are to pick up explosives and detonators.



Known position of enemy anti-air. Needs to be destroyed to open up forward LZs. Prioritized target. vPzGrenBrig37 are to secure this position. SSG will be ready to support the attack from the northern woods before moving against OBJ CARLSBERG.



SSG will secure and destroy all enemy ammunition at OBJ CARLSBERG.



Secure and eliminate all enemy forces at enemy base. The company commander will decide what platoon will move in and secure the objective depending on the situation. The other platoon will cover and secure the terrain around the objective.


Advancement Lines
Blue lines are for vPzGrenBrig37.

Yellow lines are for SSG.

Important to know that these are for giving a basic orientation on the advancement for both platoons and should be used to guide the advancement. Both platoon commanders are to decide if they need to move away from the line because of the terrain or because of engagement of enemy forces. It's important though to try to avoid blue on blue situations during the advancement.

Leading lines
The platoons will use leading lines to synchronize their advancement. There are no limit on their limits to move sideways to help the other platoon to advance but its important that the movements are planned using firesectors to avoid blue on blue. The platoon commander is responsible to keep their troops updated on fire limits right/left during the engagements.

If risk for blue on blue because of movement inform company commander before starting advancement. Possible ways to give fire limits is using map markers, compass, terrain objects.

Example 1: Firelimit right 200 degrees.

Example 2: Firelimit right mapmarker 412.

We have access to both firesupport from artillery and CAS. Artillery will only be used beyond the “next” leading line to avoid blue on blue situations.

CAS will primarily be controlled by Oscar Lima.

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Kalle » lör 16 mar 2019, 22:35

SweetFX Array uppdaterat i första posten om man vill in och rekognisera terrängen.

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Kalle » tis 19 mar 2019, 18:40

Träsket som är primär LZa syns i mitten, LZ swamp.

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Viktor » tis 19 mar 2019, 20:45


Alpha Sierra

OBJ Crossroads

AS sitter upp i flygfarkoster i F.O.B., flyger upp på höjd för att hoppa fallskärm ned på LZ SWAMP. Efter landning grupperar skyttegrupperna vid på egen hand förbestämda platser.

Notera att vi hoppar in i het LZ med möjliga fiendekontakter i alla riktningar. Om plutonen tar eld under hoppet kommer vi nyttja HASD (High Altitude Suicide Drop), som innebär att soldaterna fäller ut fallskärmen på hög höjd, manövrerar sig över LZ för att sedan klippa fallskärm och fritt falla till ~100m då soldaten fäller ut reservskärmen.

Inflygningskorridor: Syd till norr
Sekundär LZ: LZ FIELDS
Hopphöjd: 3500m
Utfällningshöjd: 300m
Sektorer vid LZ:
EA norr
FA öst
GA syd
HA väst

Uppgift på plats är att först säkra upp OBJ CROSSROADS för att sedan bedriva försvarsstrid mot anfallande fiende som väntas komma från Väst - Norr - Öst. Området är indelat i fyra försvarstriktningar (INDIA, JULIETT, KILO, MIKE) för att förenkla kommunikation och möjliggöra mer dynamisk förflyttning av skyttegrupperna i syfte att förstärka farliga riktningar.

Vår tyska systerpluton kommer åka från framskjuten F.O.B. för att förstärka oss på plats på CROSSROADS men vi förväntar oss att AS kommer på egen hand hålla området ett tag. Då AS ensam inte kan täcka alla riktningar effektivt kommer vi initialt fokusera på att hålla JULIETT och KILO. Kompaniet kommer försöka få upp VL i luften för att kunna ge oss flygspan och underlätta våra förflyttningar för att mest effektivt täcka upp mot farliga riktningar.

Initialt kommer grupperna säkra upp och sedan gräva ned sig vid följande Defensive Positions (Def. Pos.):
Def. Pos. 3: EA
Def. Pos. 4: HA
Def. Pos. 5: GA
Def. Pos. 6: FA

Efter detta kommer grupperna dynamiskt flyttas runt för att förstärka varandra i farliga riktningar.

Om plutonen blir omringad och blir för pressad kommer vi falla tillbaka till AS Retreat #1 preliminärt via gul linje “AS Retreat”.

OBJ Carlsberg

Efter avklarad försvarsstrid samt påfyllning av materiel kommer AS till fots framrycka mot OBJ CARLSBERG i syfte att destruera ammunitionslager. Samtliga skyttegrupper tar med sprängmedel samt detonatorer vid påfyllning.

Plutonen kommer framrycka på Stridskvadrat (GA, HA, EA, FA) längs gul linje. Vår systerpluton kommer framrycka längs blå linje och ta annat sidoobjektivt samtidigt som oss. AS jobbar nära systerpluton för att om möjligt kunna förstärka. Vi använder oss av Leadinglines för att se till att plutonerna håller sig någorlunda i sync.

När vi kommer fram till OBJ CARLSBERG kommer plutonen gå upp på Stridslinje och framrycka till skogskant. Där kommer GA, HA ta eldställningar i syfte att understödja EA, FA:s framryckning. EA, FA säkrar objektivet och om möjligt förbereder sprängning av ammunition. När det bedöms som säkert korsar GA, HA fältet och tar eldställningar på motsatt sida fältet i västlig riktning.


Plutonen kommer återigen efter genomförd materialpåfyllnad framrycka mot OBJ HEFENWEIZEN på Stridskvadrat (HA, GA, FA, EA). Vi nyttjar Leading Lines igen för att hålla jämt tempo med systerpluton.

På plats vid OBJ kommer Kompanichef ge order om vilken pluton som genomför inbryt i OBJ. När vi inväntar order kommer plutonen framrycka till skogskant i norr och ta eldställningar mot OBJ. GA kommer (om ej gruppen el. plutonchef bedömer det som ohållbart) bryta från resten av plutonen och ta eldställningar i dunge.

Vi har inga bilder på hur OBJ ser ut, så svårt att göra detaljerad plan. Preliminär plan är att samtliga skyttegrupper bryter in på området. EA samt FA genomför genomsökning av byggnader och liknande medans GA, HA täcker närterräng.


AAF är bekräftat fientliga så fritt fram att öppna på bekräftade kontakter. Notera att fiendens kamoflage är snarlikt både eget och tyskarnas så dubbelkolla mål. Försök att hålla eld så länge som möjligt i förhandssituationer för att möjliggöra samtidigt eldöppnande med fler grupper i plutonen.
"This is a rat race, but I'm not rat. I'm a fucking turtle, a ninja turtle. So which one's your favorite? I like Michelangelo. Next question."

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Kalle » tor 21 mar 2019, 16:27

Tyskarna har 28 spelare anmälda, hoppas på fler deltagare från SSG! :)

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Enfisk » tor 21 mar 2019, 21:57

Nytt lösenord för servern inför liret:

M2. Mån tumma

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Kalle » fre 22 mar 2019, 01:15

Eventuellt kommer ett par tyskar att hoppa med oss på söndag. De hade ett par från infanteriet som inte fick plats i vagnarna så de undrade om dessa kunde flygas in. Då de isf måste invänta att vi säkrat LZor så erbjöd jag istället att de hoppar fallskärm med oss så kan eventuellt räkna med ett par extra personer. :)

De kommer haka på SL isf tills tyskarna anslutit.

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Kalle » lör 23 mar 2019, 18:11

17:45 Gather on SSG TS in your clan-assigned teamspeak channel.
17:55 Test start of mission
18:00 - 18:15 Slotting/technical help if needed
18:15 Mission starts
18:20 Briefing in game for all participants
Gametime: 18:20-22:00

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Re: Operation Ruha United Part II 24/3

Inlägg av Enfisk » sön 24 mar 2019, 17:52

Modline är:

Följande addons kan också vara med i din modline:

M2. Mån tumma

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