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Operation: Moose Charge

Postat: sön 02 jun 2024, 00:46
av Enfisk
For the last couple of days, the USMC platoon has been regrouping and especially reinforcing the recently captured combat operating base of Femsjö. The fighting has been tremendously hard and the enemy still outnumber the USMC by a factor of 8 to 1.

A lot of good USMC soldiers gave their life during the advance last week but with that sacrifice came great progress in the fight against our enemy. An important commandpost and a navalbase with substatial resources was captured and destroyed. Causing dissarray of the enemy chain of command and ability to harass logistics using naval force.

The assault on Vasa bridge and the capture of the small penninsula connecting to the west of Stubbhult was fierce. One perticular soldier, Pvt Blubb, made his last stand within a small disused hut, killing several enemy soldiers until he ran out of ammo and called in 'broken arrow' ontop of himself, taking another 8 enemy soldiers with him into the grave.

Finally after taking kilometers of enemy territory, vital enemy bases and the chokepoint that is the Vasa bridge, the USMC was to simply walk into the future COB Femsjö and take some well earned R&R. But due to bad INTEL and planning, the base that was thought to be abandoned, was filled to the brim with enemies. This led to some fierce fighting in close combat inbetween the barracks and in the surronding forest.

The USMC is now, after some R&R, ready for the next fight!

Main enemy FOB in Stubbhult: Advance and neutralize the enemy FOB. INTEL and HVTs are known to be present.
Factory: Enemy vehicle depo and repairstation. The village of Ekenäs might have civilians in it.
Industry: Industry of Bockshult. Is being used as an ammo factory and storage. Avoid destroying the infrastructure, this needs to be solved by precision.
Hostage: Small town, besieged by the enemy. Hostages within the village are confirmed.

2 AH-1Z
2 CH-47D
2 UH-1Y
1 UH-60M MEV
1 MH-6M

2 T41 (Bombs)
2 T28 Trojan CAS
4 A-29 Super Tucano

6 M252
4 M119A2
2 Trucks

2 HMMW Ambulance