Operation Moose Bridge

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Operation Moose Bridge

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A week has passed since the small but skilled group of USMC soldiers took the fight to the enemy. The flanking manouevre using CH-47, deploying USMC behind enemy lines took the enemy defensive line by suprise. The enemy then counterattacked with force, which the USMC barely managed to survive.

The USMC resupplied and rearmed, to then make a decisive attack on a known ammunitiondump. This storage was then blown up and is now denied to the enemy.

The USMC, now with some wind in their saild went on to make a not so sneaky attack on a base the enemy was using. The initial attack was successful and the USMC gained ground and even managed to get a foothold inside the enemy base, especially two decorated soldies (Vasa & Erik) made it all the way inside the number 6 barrack.
The enemy quickly called reinforcements. They arrived in a massive wave that was best described by Platoon commander Dudemeister "åh herre gud". These where unfortunately also his last words before he took an RPG to the face.

With determination and alot of reinforcements (some arrived completely soaked and in ruined cars) the USMC managed to wither down the enemy and finally secure the base.

The situation has not evolved for a couple of days. The USMC has managed to keep the base in functioning order and has set up a temporary Combat Operational Base (COB STUBB) inside it. This will act as the starting point for the next push towards the enemy FOB and the end of the fighting in the region of Stubbhult.

Ammo Dump : Two massive metal barns is being used as an ammodump. Destroy this to deny it for the enemy.
Naval Base : Base of naval operations for the enemy. Destroying this will allieviate the logistics for us.
Command : Command center. Possible INTEL and HVTs (Capture or kill).
Breach : A natural chokepoint held by the enemy. We are forced to go through it. Small base on the west coast close to this might contain INTEL and HVTs.
MAIN FOB : Main stronghold for the enemy


The infantry has been given the 7.62x51 SCAR rifle but has been force to turn in their grenade launcher attachments
2 AH-1Z
2 CH-47D
2 UH-1Y
1 UH-60M MEV
1 MH-6M

2 T41 (Bombs)
2 T28 Trojan CAS
4 A-29 Super Tucano

6 M252
4 M119A2
2 Trucks

2 HMMW Ambulance

Images: https://imgur.com/a/CucDV3F
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