Operation: Lowtech Bottleneck

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Operation: Lowtech Bottleneck

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In the rugged terrain of Kujari lies the base of operations for 3rd Platoon, a group of soldiers renowned for their unwavering courage and unyielding determination. The air is crisp with a hint of tension as the platoon members go about their preparations, their faces etched with determination and focus.

As the sun rises over the horizon, casting a golden glow over the landscape, the soldiers of 3rd Platoon gather for their briefing, their shadows long and defiant. The leader, Commander Hass Knattén, stands tall and resolute, his voice firm as he outlines the mission ahead - a daring assault on an insurgency stronghold to apprehend the notorious warlord Azim Khara.

The air crackles with anticipation and the rustle of gear being readied, as the platoon prepares to embark on their perilous mission.

As the briefing draws to a close, the soldiers of 3rd Platoon exchange nods of reassurance and silent words of encouragement. With steely determination in their eyes and a fire burning in their hearts, they stand ready to face whatever challenges may come their way, knowing that together, they are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

3rd Platoon in Kujari stands as a beacon of strength and resolve, a force to be feared by all who dare to oppose them. As they set out on their mission to confront the insurgency stronghold and bring Azim Khara to justice, the echoes of their footsteps fade into the distance, leaving behind a sense of impending victory in the air.

In his diary, Commander Hass Knattén writes:
Despite our best efforts, it is with a heavy heart that I must report on the deteriorating condition of our equipment and vehicles, which pose a significant threat to the success of 3rd Platoon's upcoming mission. The relentless wear and tear on our gear have reached a critical point, and without immediate intervention, it is highly likely that these issues will be our undoing.

Several reports have surfaced regarding weapon malfunctions and ammunition shortages within the ranks. The rifles are prone to jamming at critical moments, putting our soldiers at risk of being defenseless in the heat of battle.

The constant strain of navigating the rugged terrain of Kujari has taken its toll, leaving our vehicles vulnerable and unreliable in combat situations.

The compounded effects of these equipment failures paint a grim picture for 3rd Platoon. In the event of an encounter with the enemy, our soldiers would be ill-equipped to defend themselves, move swiftly through the terrain, or call for backup. The consequences of these deficiencies could spell disaster for the entire mission and endanger the lives of everyone involved.


Warlord: Task 3rd Platoon of Kujari with linking up with the local police force in Mallumti Burin to assault an insurgency stronghold in Yusufari and apprehend and exfiltrate the warlord named Azim Khara.

Insurgency hideout: Known hideout. Suspected to be used as an ammodump for the insurgency forces. Assault and destroy any weaponry stashed.

Masakali Warlord: Insurgency stronghold. Known to house the Masakalis deathsquad and their leader Mufid Siddiqi. Assault and neutralize any hostiles, arrest and exfiltrate Mufid.

Smugglers: Local drugsmugglers that supply the insurgency with ways to trade drugs for cash or weapons. Neutralizing these hideouts and their drugstashes would be a heavy blow to the insurgency. Either blow up the drugs or take them back to the airfield for later use... Who knows, maybe we can trade this for some new gear?


4 Land Rover 110 HMG
2 Land Rover
2 Land Rover (MED)
1 Land Rover (NL)

2 2S3 SPG (TL)
4 Podnos mortar

3 Mi-24P (2 crew, 8 passenger)
3 Ka-60 unarmed
1 Mi-8 unarmed (MED)
2 Mi-8 armed transport
3 Praga Trucks (refuel rearm repair)
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