Operation: Coalition without vision

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Operation: Coalition without vision

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In the land of Kujari there exists multiple insurgent and militia groups, all with their own feuds and territory. The land itself is ravaged by years of war and domestic violence between these groups. Some neighbouring countries such as Takistan and Sahrani are the only nations currently with a diplomatic presence.

This makes it very hard for outside intervention and aid. Multiple attempts have been done by humanitarian groups such as IDAP. IDAP always hires the western independent military group ION for protection and escourt within Kujari. ION has a permanent base of operations in the southern part of Kujari on an abandoned airfield. This airfield is not usable for fixed wing aircraft but ION has a few stationed helicopters, even some armed helis for when things get real hairy or overwatch in especially hot zones are required.

IDAP has had little success in establishing fieldhospitals and aidstations in-country and has just recently tried a new program with airdropping supplies for civillians. Regular airdrops has been made by a C-130 stationed in Takistan, flying over different civillian villages in Kujari every week dropping well needed supplies and medicine.
The many groups of militias are not directly hostile, more so very greedy gangsters. The suffering of others only enriches them. So the airdrops has been a constant target of small arms fire and some attempts at shooting the plane down with RPG's has been reported.

Late last night, the scheduled airdrop aborted it's drop of supplies due to a sandstorm and had to make a sharp turn, following it's in-flight trajectory on its way back making the plane go over the same villages twice. Some lucky insurgents managed to damage it somehow and it's believed crashed somewhere in the southern parts of Kujari.

This is where ION comes in. There's a bounty and of course alot of good PR in retrieving any supplies, flight recorder and oh yea, any pilots that are still alive..
ION has hired some local talents such as the local police who gladly took the money offered for a days work. A breakoff group out of the old Kujari army, now dressed in all black joined in aswell. A militia known as Golfhan Alfatta with some pretty heavy gear also took the offer.

In-country ION leadership is forming a coalition of theses misfits as well as an infantry group of ION employed soldiers to form a taskgroup, to find the plane and rescue & retrieve anything and anyone on the crashed plane.
The exact location of the plane is not known. Multiple villagers has reached out, saying that they've seen the plane but won't tell us more unless they are paid..
Assemble the mighty band of misfits: Gather for briefing
Visit villages and gather intel in exchange for money: Keep your guard up
Locate the plane: rescue pilots and any crew. Retrieve material and the flight recorder
Not much is known about the infantry groups that were hired for the job. I guess we will see what they show up with in regards of gear and vehicles.

ION stuff:
4 AH-6
7 KA troop transport heli
2 Mohawk transport heli
1 Medevac heli

Other info:
The coalition of misfits are of the following factions:
A breakoff group out of the old Kujari army

ION employed soldiers and crew

Local police who seems a little too easy to bribe

A militia known as Golfhan Alfatta

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Re: Operation: Coalition without vision

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