Operation: Rock and Stone

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Operation: Rock and Stone

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Two factions has been at war with eachother for months, every week brings new attrocities and an escalation of violence to the region.
The rebels, who say they represent and fight for the freedom of the people, keep blowing up both civilian and military infrastructure causing massive economic damage and innocent casualties caught in the blasts.
The regions military has been on a set plan to drive these rebels out or destroy anyone and anything that remotely connects to them, by any means nessesary. This has caused alot of blodshed and many innocents has been killed.

The UN is in the region and has had a somewhat passive role, an intermidiatery to negotiate between the parties and accomplish a ceasefire to finally enable the region to stabilize and find a solution. The first step has been proven very difficult when the trust between parties is basicly non-existant.
The UN has for weeks worked with both parties and finally got them to agree to meet on the rebel side of the region, without weapons while having the UN as observers and peacekeepers as well as the local policeforce there to keep things from escalating.
This is a huge first step towards peace.
The UN are located in an old campingsite on the coast just off from the small town Simoniemi, which just happens to be the meetingpoint for the ceasefire agreement.
  • We are to mount up into our white painted vehicles (some of which are armed) and make our way to the meeting. When we arrive, the local police will radio in to the region military that all parties has arrived and they are now safe to make their way into the meeting.
  • While there, we are simply to observe. The rebels will most likely offer a gift of good will to the military, as a show of faith that they want this ceasefire to hold. Both parties will have their discussions and then sign the appropriate documents. We are to retrieve a copy after they are signed, this is to be used to broadcast the success of our diplomatic work.
  • When the rebels and military has left, we too will return back to the FOB and begin the weekly convoy and delivery of food and humanitarian supplies to the civilians in the towns througout the region.
If for some unknown reason the meeting does not go according to plan. We have a contingency plan in place.
Our force has the gear, vehicles and the will to completely neutralize both parties if they take to arms and or act aggressivly towards the UN.

We have located 3 bases which are of utmost importance to both the rebels and the military of the region. They are the following:
  • Coastal defence
  • Artillery bases
  • Fowards vehicle and ammo depo
6 HMMW (M2, TOW, unarmed)
4 Ural 4320 Transport Trucks
3 M998 Ambulance


1 Seara
1 Sholef
4 M119A2
4 M252
2 M977A4-B M2 (Repair, Rearm)

2 CH-47
7 CH-146
1 CH-146 MEV (respawn)
3 AH-6
1 MH-6M
3 HEMTT (Ammo, Fuel, Repair)

Bilder: https://imgur.com/a/FiSYBb9
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