Operation: Baltic Sea Episode 2

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Operation: Baltic Sea Episode 2

Inlägg av Enfisk » fre 11 feb 2022, 19:18

One month ago the brave company сьерра лима managed to singlehandily infiltrate the south eastern parts of Maksniemi like a red mist from the sea! Their bravory did not stop there, after wiping out a heavily fortified position of the pesky westerners they went onward on stolen boats up and inwards through the channel into mainland Maksniemi!

By sheer will and belief in the motherland, they fought through wave after wave of enemies coming from the west and the north! Their fighting resulted in a major victory for the motherland and enabled us to advance into the area with armored vehicles as well as establish logistical supplyroutes.

While the north is reinforced with armored vehicles and heavy infantry from the regular army, we must once again ask you to sacrifce youself for the motherland. The now infamous company of brave men, сьерра лима, is tasked with outflanking the enemy and ravaging through their coastal defenses to the west.

Do this for us and you will be rewarded with your weight in medals!

Our glorious leadership has tasked the main army to start advancing with heavy armor and infantry in the north part of Maksniemi, this leaves us free to do what the others cannot, a quick flanking manouevre and taking the enemy defences by suprise.

Our companycommander has come up with a brilliant plan, he has hired three civillian pilots from back east to teach our infantry how to pilot an Antonov in a straight line (marked with Makeshift Airstrip). This will enable the infantry to board and pilot these planes and perfom a LALO over either of the two marked landingzones (LZ Halttari or LZ Kontio)

The hastily constructed airfield for these Antonov planes are 2km south of our barracks. This will be enough time for our actual pilots to board their brand new MiG29 planes (marked with Mig-29) and head for the known AA positions and knock them out. This has to be done before the infantry is in range of these AA-guns!

If successfull with this initial plan, we have accomplished the hard part.

From here, we march forward, knocking out all fortifications and static weapons our enemy has placed to guard the coastline. It's vital that we destroy any naval-bases and it's ships to disable their ability to harass our rear lines from the sea.
These fortification and bases are known, massive efforts has been spent on intelligence and signalreconnaissance to enable us to pin-point where our enemy has focused their defensive efforts.

The endgoal is to reach the peninsula south Maksniemi town, where the enemy has a medium size base of artillery. Alot of radiotraffic has been observed in this area and it might be a forward operating base which co-oridnates the joint effort of the coastal defence.

Sweep through the enemy defenses while their efforts are aimed to the north, fighting against the regular army!

4 KamAZ-5350 transport truck
10 UAZ-3151
4 GAZ-66

3 Antonov (box outside with parachutes)

2 2S3M1 Artillery
2 2S1 Artillery
2 Ural-4320 (TL)

3 Mig 29
4 Mi-8AMTSh
3 Mi-28N
1 KA-60 (Needle with respawn)

Time: 06:00
Weather: Windy with very light fog
Minefields: Low
AA: Low
Red Air: Medium
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Re: Operation: Baltic Sea Episode 2

Inlägg av Murkelost » sön 13 feb 2022, 15:06

Mig 29 klistrar fast i marken vilket gör att de accelerar långsamt och inte klarar lyfta alla gånger.

Skulle rekommendera att byta dem mot L39C Albatross i brist på annat ryssflyg.

Se för mer info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 1306242418
Get to da choppah!

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