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Operation: Revegne for Karelia

Postat: fre 29 okt 2021, 18:51
av Enfisk

The time has come my comrades. Our glorious leader has decided in his infinite visdom to take what was briefly within our grasp many years ago. First the penninsula of Karelia and then onwards and into Finland.

One obstacle remains unsolved for this plan to be successful. The pesky European Union has stationed Hellenic Armed forces within the small region of Hellanmaa, directly in our path. They are using it's old but trusty radar to detect any and all movement of our glorious airforce and even worse, they would be able to direct artillery fire upon our hoards of tanks we have in waiting at the border.

Therefor, the leadership has tasked you with the heroic goal of advancing into Hellanmaa unsupported and without vehicles and nothing more than your body can carry! Go my brave platoon, make the motherland proud and defeat the Hellenic battallion, artillery section and about 25 planes (stationed in Ruha).

Even though the leadership has decided to send us, a platoon with some enabler-groups attach, they did not think to bring any vechiles nor resupply..
No worries, our (actually) glorious platooncommander has taken the matter in his own hands and managed to convince a bunch of finnish smugglers to transport the equipment and vehicles we would need to actually get the task done, into Hellanmaa.
It's just the tiny issue of paying the smugglers and also getting them to tell us where they have hidden all our stuff.

Firstly, we need to get a foothold in Hellanmaa. We have hidden in barns and abandoned buildings during the day and marching during the night. We have just barely made it into Hellanmaa and are now cowering and separated from eachother.
To get a foothold, we need to neutralize three Hellenic outposts that are way to close to comfort, they might detect us at any minute.
These three outposts are marked on all our maps. More information about these outposts will be shared when we launch our advance on sunday.
Second, when we have secured these three outposts, we can start moving towards the bloody smugglers, who are sure to demand more money for their work. Be on your guard, but stay frosty, these people will help us to achieve our goal and glory!
Have have a known location for the smugglers, it is also marked on your map "Meet our Friends".
Third and final objective will be the pesky radarstation just southeast of Kokkila. With our equipment and vehicles, we actually have a chance to be successful in our attack!

4 Mi-8MT Transport
1 KA-60 MEDEVAC (respawn)
5 KA-52
3 Ural-4320 Repair,Rearm,Refuel

1 2S3M1 Artillery
2 Ural-4320 Repair (TL)
6 GAZ-233114
Time: 02:30
Weather: Foggy early morning with wind from the north, looking to clear up during the morning

IED: Unknown
Civilians: Unknown
Anti Air: Unknown

Our enemy looks roughly like this.
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Re: Operation: Revegne for Karelia

Postat: lör 30 okt 2021, 02:57
av Kalle

Re: Operation: Revegne for Karelia

Postat: lör 30 okt 2021, 10:53
av Hoffa
Din helgdräkt, Kalle?

Re: Operation: Revegne for Karelia

Postat: sön 31 okt 2021, 12:52
av Murkelost
Night Vision tillgängligt I guess? 😗

Re: Operation: Revegne for Karelia

Postat: mån 01 nov 2021, 12:08
av Murkelost
Var tvungen att droppa ifrån igår p.g.a. grabben. Tyvärr måste det från VL's sida ges ett knippe med "konstruktiv kritik" kring uppdragets upplägg. Jag fick i efterhand information om att det hade dröjt ca 3 timmar innan VL's roll fyllde någon funktion.

Här undrar man såklart lite hur man tänker som uppdragsskapare. Att springa runt i flera timmar utan att ha något egentligt syfte är inte så jätteroligt.

Vilket delvis är varför jag personligen valde att prioritera IRL före OP:en igår utifrån den vibb jag fick en timme in i operationen.

Så med det sagt så ge VL ett alternativt syfte så länge vi ska springa runt på marken. Eller att föredra, lägg upp det hela så att det inom rimligtvis en timme är löst ut med VL's "verktyg" luftmässigt. Alternativ meddela VL att vi inte behövs på förhand för en söndagsop (vilket såklart blir lite knasigt).

Det kan låta hårt kritikmässigt, och det är det också. Men inom ramen för konstruktiv sådan som ovan angivet.


Ps: Ni gör ett jäkla hästjobb med uppdragsbyggande, så det är inte ouppskattat på generell basis - kramis VL :Ds