TvT Operation Goodwood

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TvT Operation Goodwood

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Saturday, 20th April 2019

Join server: 16:45-17:00 ZULU ... 17&p1=3875
Slotting: 17:00 ZULU
Briefing: 17:10 ZULU
Game start: 17:30 ZULU

It’s been over a month of bitter fighting in the hedgerows of Normandy, with the Allies slowly advancing southwards in the face of a determined German defence.

Eager to achieve a breakthrough to the French heartlands; the Allied leadership have ordered their forces to make a pincer movement against the German defences, with the British striking to the south near the town of Caen...

General information
Place: AFI ARMA 3 event server/TS server
Scenario type: Team versus Team, wave respawn. One mission.
Map: Colleville
Main mods: ACE3, TFAR, IFA LITE, RHS ARFR & USAF (required by afi core mods)
Player count: max ~150

Medical system
We use A-medical enhanced by ADV - Splint mod. Wound reopening is disabled so always use elastic bandage to treat wounds. Splints heal any limb damage. Splints are usable by everyone.

We will be playing a mission where British troops attack across the length of the ‘Colleville’ map against German-held positions.

How to join
Groups/Clan should fill questionnaire, just estimate as well as you can! ... g/viewform

Orbats ... sp=sharing

Vi behöver anmäla närvaro snarast så anmäl er genom länken nedan så ska jag skriva ihop hur många vi blir till AFI.